Print Quality and Sizes

Thanks to your valuable support, the dream to be the manufacturer of my own prints became reality.
Yes: EVERY piece is handprinted and hand-cut personally by me.

I want you to enjoy my art at its best, so it was my pleasure to test and select types of paper that could meet my expectations.
My selection currently includes 3 different papers, two that can be labeled as High Quality, and a Premium Quality one, as follows:

⭐️ High quality paper can be either a pure white 280 gr paper or a natural white, ecological 300 gr paper: both guarantee high image and color resolution, with a soft opacity; they both have nice texture and surface;
⭐️ Premium paper is a matte archival 180 gr paper, made for art and photography prints: this has incredible image and color resolution and sharpness, almost digital-screen alike, with a stunning black/grey variation display.

Sizes are based on standard paper format, approximately as follows:
📏 Large (A4) 29 x 20,5 cm
📏 Medium (A5) 20,5 x 14 cm
📏 Mini (A6) 14,5 x 10 cm
Minimum changes in size may occur, also depending on dimensions of the artwork (for example square prints).

more about print quality..

On the left, you see the resolution quality of Premium paper: bright and saturated colors, very sharp details and lines, smooth surface, lighter gr (180 gr);
On the right, the resolution quality of High paper: good color variation, a bit less saturation due to the nice opacity and beautiful paper surface, heavier gr (280 gr for pure white, 300 gr for eco tree free paper).

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Holographic Prints & Goodies

Holographic effect is added with an additional holo foil applied on top and sealed with heat; the surfaces reflects light playing with the illustration underneath; base paper is High quality.

Bookmarks are composed by 2 printed paper "slices", both covered with holo foil and glued together.

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Handmade: Care & Love

One of the personal greatest satisfaction is being able to create most of my products completely by myself.
Thanks to your support, I'm currently able to print my paper goodies and deliver them directly to you.

Handmade is not just a word for me: it means that I take care of each and every piece, doing my best to make it... well, the best!
Because of this, every single piece won't ever be the same as the next. It puts a bit of uniqueness even on copies.
Minor mistakes are therefore to be considered that special touch: I discard defective results, so don't be afraid, you won't get a flawed piece (unless you search for it in the specific discounted section), but keep in mind that each cut is made by hand, and every foil is put on by hand and so on.

Shipping Methods and Destinations

Below you have the list of current destinations:
- North America: Canada, United States
- Europe: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
- Italy

Shipping are sent via Poste Italiane using International Priority Mail. This method doesn't allow tracking once the pack is out of Italy, but it never failed me.
I'm working to add a Tracked shipping option too.
Buyers outside Italy: Unfortunately I have no control over the delivery once the package enters the postal system. If your package is stuck in customs or delayed, you will have to contact the postal service as it will be out of my hands.
Buyer will be responsible for any customs fees.
As I am a small, one-person shop, I do not offer refunds or accept returns. If your item gets damaged or lost during shipping, please reach out to me so we can find the best solution possible.
Also working to add the following destinations:
Asia & Oceania: China, South Korea, Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zaeland
If your destination isn't on the list, feel free to contact me so we can check possible shipping solutions.
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